Farm Statistics

A free, easy-to-use farm management tool built exclusively for farmers.

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Farm Management

Organize your farm’s operations with an easy-to-use, web-based software solution. With a wide range of recording and registration tools, Farm Statistics provides farmers with a comprehensive overview of their farm for easier organization and operations.

Custom Data Solution

Designed specifically for their needs, Farm Statistics is a data management tool built distinctly for farmers. Whether tracking crops, inventory, daily tasks, or equipment maintenance, you’ll have all the recording tools necessary for a well-managed farm.

User Friendly

No special knowledge needed. Accessible and easy-to-understand, you’ll have no problem working with our software. As a web-based solution, you can also access your information from any PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone.

What is Farm Statistics?

Farm Statistics is simple record keeping application built exclusively for small farmers. Keep track of your farm, your equipment and crops with our easy to use website at no cost to farmers. We have used this software for years on our own farm and now is available for all to use. Rather than creating Excel spreadsheets, or other inefficient record keeping methods, our software is a custom-designed solution for the needs of farmers.

All you need to do is enter the information into prebuilt data fields and keep it up-to-date. You’ll have a powerful tool that will make your farm and it’s operation more efficient.

As a web-based solution, you’ll also enjoy extra benefits. With Farm Statistics, you’ll have quick access to all your farm’s vital information at the touch of your fingertips. Access the info at any time and with any device: PC, Tablet, or Smartphone. 

Bad Farmers

Grow weeds, spread plant disease and have broken equipment.

Good Farmers

Grow marketable crops, manage insects and disease and have nice equipment.

Smart Farmers

Use Farm Statistics, Grow bank accounts, and have the best equipment!