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Community Supported Agriculture using Farm Statistics

CSA is growing in popularity across the United States. Farm Statistics has recognized this trend and built a module specifically for CSA Farms that manages clients, shares, and provides online signup for your clients.

The idea behind Community Supported Agriculture is that a family can purchase a part (share) of a farms crop(s). For example, a farm is planning to sell 100 shares therefor will have 100 clients. Also, the farm plans to have 15 weekly shares where each client will get 1/100th of the crops grown on the farm. Let us say a farm has picked 1000 tomatoes that week, each client will get 10 tomatoes.

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Farm Statistics has 10 modules that contain over 50 features to help small farmers achive their goal.

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How Farm Statistics helps CSA Farms

In Farm Statistics, each client will have an account created when they have purchased their share. The account will have an ending date that will automatically take them of the weekly share list once the date has passed. While the account is active, they will receive automated weekly emails informing them of their weekly shares and listing the contents of the share.

When it is time to send a weekly share notification, Farm Statistics makes it easy for a farmer to create a share, list the contents and send an email to all active clients in less than 2 minutes from a mobile smart phone. I have witnessed a farmer create, send and have a client show up for a pickup before he could walk in the house.

Once a weekly share has been created, a roster is created with each eligible client. When a client arrives for a pickup, simply open the roster from your mobile device and with one touch select the person and share will be marked as received.

Sometimes things do not work out as planed and a client has a complaint. Let us say a customer complains a few items were poor quality. You can keep notes on a client, and they will appear in the roster. When client arrives for a pickup, special instructions will appear to make good on any deal made with the client; because you or your staff can easily forget but the client will not.

Farm Statistics provides CSA Farmers an email template where they can customize their weekly email message. You can change it every week or keep a generic message for the whole season. In the next version of the CSA module, Farmers will have the ability to message past clients for recruiting.

Farm Statistics Community Supported Agriculture version allows CSA farmers complete control of their farm shares without timely data entry. Taking care of your clients is as important as taking care of your equipment.