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Project Management using Farm Statistics

Many question why you need to take algebra to attend college. It is often said you will never use it in life and it’s a waste of time. But algebra is about teaching a person how solve a complicated problem by breaking it into small manageable pieces. Project management is similar as it gets granular by laying out your tasks and completing them in the correct order. The scope of project management is huge and this application only skims the surface but that is all farmers need to become better organized. With our Project Module, you can create projects, like building a shed, and keep track of all the necessary work, expenses, and other important information. You’ll benefit from having everything laid out so you don’t overlook any important step in the process. Easily keep track of multiple projects. Even if a project is long-term, you’ll always have up-to-date and accurate information stored for easy access.

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Project Management Screen from Farm Statistics Software