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Get Started only $79 per year

Cloud account

Farm Statistics is a cloud-based farm management application. The price is $79 per year paid annually. At this time, all payments are made through PayPal and we have no current plans to accept any other payment methods. Accepting payments through PayPal helps keep the cost of the application low as we do not assume the risk of securing online payments.

Your subscription is not automatically renewed. When the time comes to renew, we will send you email(s) notifying you of the expiration date and a link to make payment. If you decide to cancel your subscription, we will give you an option to download your data.

Customize Farm Statistics

We have had several requests for custom reports and a few farms asked for a private database and a customized look to run on their own website. Any of these combinations are available including using our software under your name and giving away subscriptions as promotional gifts.

Promotional Accounts

We do lease a branded version Farm Statistics to private companies where they can give away accounts as promotional gifts. We currently do not allow reselling our software.

Promotional account includes:

  • Private copy of Farm Statistics branded with your name
  • Private cloud server and database used only for your account.
  • You will be able to provide 1000’s of free accounts to users
  • We provide support for any functional issues: software failure and outages
  • User support is optional, a control panel will be provided if you wish to offer user support
  • You will be responsible for any liability. Currently there is no sensitive data stored withing Farm Statistics other than an email address. All other sensitive data (name, address) are optional.
Mobile view of Farm Statistics Pesticide Record