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Farm Statistics is a free to use record keeping, and asset management application that fits any size farm. There is a paid version that allows farms to send promotional e-mails to their clients. Our clients are mostly small farmers and CSA growers, but advanced gardeners and large grain farmers will also benefit from using our product.

The problem is that many farmers are unorganized and have little time to keep detailed records. Some farmers keep a paper notebook while others use a spreadsheet. Farm Statistics goes one step further by using templates to assist you to add records with little effort. You have full control of your data with minimum effort.

Farm Statistics is an easy way to keep track of your farm. Entries can be added in seconds, while in the field using your smart phone. You can preplan during winter months and carry all your plans in the field on your phone.

Once you become familiar with Farm Statistics, you will have little need for any paper records. You will easily research historical data and have the ability to clone it to start a new year by typing only a small amount of data.

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Farm Statistics has 10 modules that contain over 50 features to help small farmers achive their goal.

Why use our product?

Feature Icons used in Farm Statistics
Soybean field managed by Farm Statistics
Manage your fields

Experienced farmers grow soil and leave most of plant growing to Mother Nature. Keeping track of your ground is essential to having consistent successful growing seasons. Farm Statistics was built to track your fields overall health including any amendments you apply over time.

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Field of watermelons managed by Farm Statistics crop planner
Keep tabs on your crops

Our crop planner keeps track of all your tasks, expenses with the ability to take detailed notes if desired. Create note categories or use one of the predefined templates to assist you. You will have the ability to add expenses edit expenses and get a year-end tally of your total costs. All crop history will also display in the field module records.

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Tractor pulling a corn planter in a Farm Statistics managed farm
Service records for your equipment

Managing your equipment is vital for the successful operation of any farm. The Equipment Module allows you to easily log all your equipment, providing you with a complete overview of all your tools, vehicles, and other machinery. Quickly look up service records in the field with a few touches on your smart phone.

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A plane applying a pesticide application
Pesticide application records

You can keep track of what crops you’ve treated, what pesticides you used, and when you applied them. By keeping these records all in one location, you can quickly create usage reports. Rather than logging your applications in a spreadsheet, or on paper, our software makes the process simple, easy, and much more efficient.

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A Farm Statistics managed farm with barn and soybean field
Project management made easy

With our Project Module, you can create projects, like building a barn, and keep track of all the necessary work, expenses, and other important information. You’ll benefit from having everything laid out so you don’t overlook any important step in the process. Project management is not for everyone, but our tool makes it easy for anyone to create a well-documented project.

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CSA basket full of fall goodies ready for a client pickup
CSA Client Management

  • Easily search client records from any device.
  • Automatically email clients when shares are ready.
  • Easily manage pickups and deliveries with a few simple swipes on your mobile phone.
  • Keep track of each share, what is included and its retail value
  • Run reports to see who received shares.

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